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More cool art that's more abstract content or style wise than what we see in the normal gallery. Check it out!

What this group is all about:

Before I explain the group, let me introduce myself briefly.

I am ArtByRiana, a sophomore in college studying illustration. My boyfriend and Co-Founder, Tirann0 introduced me to South Park last year, and it became my new favorite animated tv show. The humor is just brilliant and I admire the risks it takes.

When I first looked on deviantART for some South Park fanart, the... vast amount of which was in the anime style completely threw me off. Digging around, I did find art that was non-anime influenced. They were really awesome! It just kinda sucks that one has to wade through all of the "bishi" renditions of the characters to find anything but.

Before I go on, I personally have nothing against anime (it's impossible to hate on a cartooning medium, and I personally love Perfect Blue, Death Note, Chobits, anything by Osamu Tezuka blah blah blah). I'll also admit that a LOT of the SP anime art and cosplays are VERY well done and, regardless of content, just beautiful.
The slash, however, kinda disturbs and confuses us, so obviously we don't allow that. That stuff makes us want to gorge our eyeballs out because the last thing we want to think about while watching our favorite TV show is seeing our favorite characters making out with each other or some shit like that. If you like that stuff, please keep it to yourself and others that also enjoy it. Thank you!

This group was made so that the non-anime South Park fanart could be celebrated. It needs some loving. :heart:

We assume that everyone who wishes to be a member is also sick and tired of this sugoi sugoi desu neeeee stuff that we see all the time, too, and just wants to create artwork more faithful to the TV show's original content.

    RULES ON UPLOADING: :bulletblue: Firstly and foremostly, no anime. No foolin, we're pretty strict about this. If it looks similar to this:… it is not allowed, and will be shunned by the admin. Obviously there's a line to cross. If the artwork is much more canon-inspired, style-wise, like in the works of this Japanese artist: , it's accepted. :bulletgreen: At the moment, we really don't know what the favorites are for. It's kind of a place with just cool art that's more abstract content or style wise than what we see in the normal gallery. But there's some awesome shit in there. Like that Kyle lamp thing? Awesome. :bulletred: Fancharacters are allowed, but it must be hand-drawn. Nothing from character-makers, please. It would be kinda lame if the whole gallery was full of that stuff, wouldn't it? :bulletorange: In the case of couples, as we've said and stressed before, NO SLASH NO SLASH NO SLASH NO SLASH NO SLASH. You'd be really cool not to upload any slash. :) Try to keep couples as canon as possible, so definitely Stan x Wendy. If you're unsure, if they didn't even think about pairing up in the show, it's not allowed (Kyle x Bebe is an example of a pairing that just barley passes, because it's just one-sided, but it did exist). In the case of fan x canon pairings (ie, if someone wanted to upload a picture of their character x Kyle or something), it's kind of an eye-roller for us. We'd really rather not. When uploading, make sure the pairing isn't obvious. But if it's fan character x fan character, that's totally fine! :bulletblue: No content that is against dA's rules is uploaded (obviously). Considering that South Park is an adult show, this gives a bit of freedom on how explicit content is. So sex and stuff isn't allowed, but GRRRAPHIC VIOLENCE is ay-okay! :lol:

REMEMBER, even though we do not allow any anime South Park fanart in our gallery, WE ARE NOT A HATE GROUP, AND WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY FLAMING TOWARDS SPECIFIC ARTISTS OR OTHER GROUPS. YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE GROUP IF YOU ARE CAUGHT. Instead, use the energy to comment on the wonderful fanart we have in our gallery. :)


Have fun and enjoy the art!!
Sorry about the lack of activity. Two co-founders have left the group, one left dA, and unfortunately my own interest with South Park has dissolved since the founding of this group and I'm afraid I have no right running a group I no longer am interested in.

So we're looking for admins to take our place. Send us a note if you're interested.
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sav8197 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015
why you keep declining that drawing of Kenny i made? :? its something wrong with it?
ZeCarConnosieur Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will do Real Donald Trump Soon!!!!!(Non-Candian)
Cartoon16fan Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:( (Sad) why did you decline all my artwork I worked hard on my work?
niels827 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
We cannot and do not accept everything that's submitted. Your drawings are not bad, but they're extremely simplistic and colorless, such that the images cannot be deciphered by viewing thumbnails. Some groups accept everything submitted to them by default. This one doesn't. Don't take it personally. We all work hard on our art.
Cartoon16fan Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh okay that makes sense were only trying to help the fans and give them something to do if bored yeah I mostly post reffrence sheets of art for others as im a generous person fully understand where your coming from

:) (Smile) thanks for replying back most replys I dont get back not taking it personality was just confused already joined a few other south park groups so thats okay

was their a rule I missed out thoe dont think I saw it in the rules page anyhow im glad their s nothing wrong with my art and im glad somebody has actually given me some feedback for once
craftHayley44 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
igly1223 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Student Artist
craftHayley44 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
NicoleDaney Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Boy, my valentines you just declined aren't slash, god. They have the "pairing names" because I tought it sounded better than "Stan and Kenny's valentine".
Are you really gonna deny them just because of the title? :c
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